Born to Lead

We are a value based training and advisory services consultancy and we believe in leaving positive impact in all the business areas we work for.
Born to Lead strives to work towards making organizations agile, dynamic, efficient and effective by providing the right training and consulting solutions.
We believe in empowering individuals to achieve their goals through robust, immersive and intelligent learning experiences.



Born to Lead aims to provide essential learning to improve skills in order to ensure business results. 

Born to Lead has deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries.

Besides training personnel on essential business skills, we also provide train individuals on personal excellence. 

Dr Batool Fatima

Born to Lead is led by Dr Batool Fatima who is known for facilitating growth for startups and has successfully achieved revenue, profit and growth targets consistently in her career as senior member of teams leading startup organizations.

She is known for giving corporate presentations, seminars, and keynote addresses which are insightful and though provoking. She has extensive experience in revenue management, profitability, growth, project management, process management, performance management and quality management.  

She is ASQ certified six sigma black belt with expertise in lean implementation, continuous improvement projects, process reengineering and streamlining operations.

Services Offered 

Corporate Training | Executive Coaching | Learning and Development for Individuals | Sales Coaching| Consulting